What Hotel Guests Want in Travels

Most would agree the goal of a vacation is to unwind, de-stress, and spend time with loved ones in exciting new locations. Resorts need to have options that appeal to all different demographics while providing the baseline of an industry-standard offering. WiFi, breakfast, and gyms are not amenities that people hope resorts have — they are an EXPECTATION now. Instead of former “luxuries” such as those, developing resorts are looking to have unique spaces that guests are pleasantly surprised with for any of their planning. Here’s some of ours:

Walkable Paths

Gyms being a “bonus” to a resort are a thing of the past. Now, especially in a world dealing with the pandemic of COVID-19, resorts must get creative in giving their guests the means to continue their fitness goals or to explore the resort grounds more thoroughly. 

Walking paths do not simply increase foot traffic, but they allow guests to maintain social distance and show off the beauty of the resort. If your resort rests on a beach, guests WANT to see that view. A beautiful boardwalk with natural wood decking adds a casual area for those who want to linger or walk through. There are long-lasting natural wood choices that include sustainable products that don’t require timber harvested from rainforests.

Some resorts integrate walkways right through the middle of their grounds. Unique walkways such as suspended rope bridges with synthetic rope over pools or man-made rivers can connect two otherwise far locations without re-routing a walking path around.

Guests want beautiful locations to admire. If your resort does not have areas of greenery for your guests to marvel at on their walks, we suggest considering synthetic topiary which can add value and immersion to your walkways.

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Outdoor Areas for Gathering

Many big-name hotels are making changes to the needs and safety of their guests. One such investment is in outdoor areas for socializing and gathering. Picnic areas, casual bistro-style free seating, loungers and benches are some improvements being made to outdoor areas. 

Architects are utilizing shade sails to ensure any tropical locations are keeping guests comfortable from harmful UV rays. These gathering areas are thought of not only with safety in mind, but comfort. The Supply Scout’s catalog of shade sails can protect up to 98% of UV rays! 

Cohesive Theme & Peace of Mind

While health concerns are a major concern, guests also want a sense of normalcy. Creating an environment that adapts and continues superb storytelling and seamless guest immersion with its design. By utilizing beautiful design such as bamboo tropical themed accent walls, eucalyptus fences, and sturdy wood flooring, architects are able to create a calming sense of stability that does not distract.

Guests typically congregate a short while in the lobby of resorts where first impressions are made, but it’s also visually stunning hallways and rooms that can garner an appreciation of the thoughtfulness to detail of the resort designers. Examples include the soothing feel of custom-made eucalyptus furniture and zen-sheds in the garden and yoga / spa areas. A tropical themed hotel should have design elements that allow guests to truly feel like they are in the middle of paradise.

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