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Premium Synthetic Bamboo, Artificial Bamboo, and Faux Bamboo Poles

Supply Scout is proud to have partnered with ONETHATCH® to provide the highest quality Artificial Bamboo products on the market.

All ONETHATCH® Artificial Bamboo Poles are created using molds taken from natural bamboo directly. This unique manufacturing method allows us to offer a natural-looking and long-lasting alternative to natural bamboo poles. They are suitable for decorative purposes and can also be reinforced with a metal rod for structural applications

Natural bamboo’s attractive characteristics have been faithfully replicated using eco friendly nylon materials, with added durability and fire-resistance. Certain textures of the synthetic bamboo have been finished by our artisans to deliver the most delicate replica of natural bamboo.

ONETHATCH® Bamboo Poles have been stringently tested by the international authorities to guarantee decades of worry-free beauty. They boast an incredible 10-year warranty against rot, decay, and sudden color fading.

Unique Styles and Color Options



Light Brown

Faux Bamboo Poles and Synthetic Poles | The Supply Scout


Weathered finishes can be added to deliver a perfect reproduction of aged bamboo sticks.

Faux Bamboo Poles and Synthetic Poles | The Supply Scout


Available in six standard diameters: 1″ (25mm), 1.5″ (40mm), 2″ (50mm),2.5″ (65mm), 3″ (75mm), 4″ (100mm).

Faux Bamboo End Caps | The Supply Scout

End Cap

Available with End Caps to conceal the last threads and keep the elements out.

Why Choose Synthetic Bamboo?

Fire Resistant

Safety should never be a choice. ONETHATCH® Bamboo Poles are made from our formulated class A fire-retardant materials.

Weather Resistant

ONETHATCH® Bamboo Poles have passed the ISO4892-3 (2000hrs) UV test with the highest color-fastness grade.

Mold Resistant

Crafted from high-grade PA6 resins, our artificial bamboo poles are highly mold, rot, and insect resistant.


ONETHATCH® Bamboo Poles are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly as they contain no polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Handcrafted PVC Synthetic Bamboo, Artificial Bamboo, and Faux Bamboo Poles

Custom formed and hand painted faux bamboo poles are an excellent choice for a variety of interior and exterior applications where natural bamboo is not optimal. Synthetic bamboo is weather resistant and pest free.

Made from schedule 40 PVC which can be submerged, it won’t crack like natural bamboo, and can be used as a decorative covering for metal poles or other structural columns. These maintenance-free artificial bamboo poles are treated with UV-stabilized automotive paints and sealers making them a versatile and durable alternative to natural products.

These synthetic bamboo poles are perfect for any theme park, hotel, restaurant, zoo and private building project.

  • Natural Appearance
  • Hand Formed

  • Hand Painted

  • Custom Colors Available Upon Request

  • Schedule 40 PVC

  • Interior & Exterior Applications

  • Versatile and Durable

  • Long-Lasting

  • Weather Resistant

  • Pest Free

  • Maintenance Free

  • Easy Installation


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