What is Synthetic Topiary?

Have you ever wondered how to make a unique outdoor experience for your guests or potential customers? Synthetic topiary balances the beauty of natural greenery with the durability needed for easy maintenance. Our team is proud to provide a variety of these types of synthetic topiary for the perfect place for guests and customers to capture selfies to promote your location on social media or to improve the theming of the area.


Synthetic topiary is one of the most popular additions to landscaped grounds in recent years due to their versatility in design. From animals to custom shapes, these flexible designs are able to capture and enhance the area to fit theming.

Here are some of the figures we’ve seen recently installed to commercial property:

  • Exotic animals: elephant, lion, bear, deer, dolphin, hippo

  • Small animals: birds, squirrel, rabbit

  • Mythical creatures and dinosaurs: t-rex, unicorns, angels, gnomes

  • Functional shapes: benches with a variety of stained wood, cars, cheese pieces

  • Branded shapes: Corporate logos, business symbols

These options allow any scene to be set and provide an incredible atmosphere of beauty to your landscaping. We’ve been blown away by some of the unique options available for projects.

  • Synthetic Topiary | The Supply Scout
  • Custom Topiary | The Supply Scout
  • Custom Topiary | The Supply Scout


The modern design of these figures show opportunities to enhance your natural outdoor spaces. We believe this product works best for hotels, resorts, theme parks, and centers that see high traffic. Visitors, guests, and potential customers to any business are noted to feel more at comfort in an area that inspires them. 

The beauty of fully tailored synthetic topiary does not come with hassle or maintenance. These works of art are resistant to seasonal temperature changes, shock resistance, and completely maintenance-free. This allows for simple installation and no further care going forward.


Our team is excited to solve outdoor design dilemmas for residential areas, hospitality venues, parks, zoos, entertainment venues and more. Contact us online or call us at 407-499-3879 to get started planning your new outdoor landscaping!