Hurricane Preparedness for Homes and Resorts

The best time to prepare for a storm is at the beginning of hurricane season and well ahead of the storm’s projected contact with land. We understand many of our clients are in zones prone to hurricane and tropical storm paths, so our team has compiled some tips for you to remember to take before hurricanes head your way!

Don’t Wait Until It’s Trending

If you have a business or home that rests within a general hurricane zone, it’s best to keep up with the news for new formations at the start of hurricane season. Tropical storms can quickly manifest into something more and become a huge story for local news outlets. This entices panic buying and may prevent you from efficiently preparing.

By following weather frequently during the hurricane season, you’re able to prepare accordingly before it becomes the biggest story of the week. Our recommendation is to begin plans prior to any formation of tropical disturbance. This eliminates you having to worry about the impending panic buying for grocery supplies, emergency kits and home protection.

Prepare Emergency Kits

As we mentioned above, don’t wait until the last minute to begin preparing your hurricane emergency kits. Your emergency kit is crucial in being stocked before the announcement of the storm by your local news source. We suggest your emergency kits have: first aid supplies, flashlights, lanterns, one 24-pack of batteries for your flashlights and lanterns, a case of water, and relevant secured information such as documents for legal purposes. cites more detailed supplies to stock up on that will help alleviate stress of a chaotic situation like a hurricane.

Prepare Your Building, Roof and Thatch

Many residents of tropical areas know the routine to prepare for a hurricane. Board your windows and bring in anything that could topple over outside are two of the first things you should do when preparing grounds prior to a hurricane.

For many of our clients, concerns involving synthetic thatch roofing are a thing of the past. Synthetic thatch roofing is proven to withstand hurricane force winds and have earned the Florida Product Approval. More durable than common shingles, roofs installed with our synthetic thatch are wind-rated and can affix to various slopes more securely. With the durability of synthetic thatch in extreme weather conditions, clients have the peace of mind of a 20-year warranty.

We suggest if you have concerns about your roofing materials, a roofing inspector can do a thorough job of telling you if it is time for re-roofing or repairs that must be done.

If you are part of a business that is in a hurricane zone, give The Supply Scout a call. We can help find sustainable and durable supplies like synthetic thatch to help minimize preparation, repair, and yearly maintenance. Click here to start your project estimation or contact one of our global sales team members at 407-499-3879.