3 Uses of Eucalyptus in Building Projects

Eucalyptus Fencing at Theme Park | The Supply Scout

Over the past few years, the need for sustainable and “eco-friendly” supplies have grown substantially. Not only do architects and builders take into consideration budget, but they also consider how it affects the planet. The Supply Scout proudly works with renewable strategies and eco-friendly companies. Eucalyptus has proven to be a valued material in green building projects for both durability and sustainability. 

The Green Difference

The “Green Difference” is an initiative that focuses on utilizing products that are eco-friendly that do not harm the environment in the same capacity as traditional non-sustainable supplies. The Supply Scout team prides itself on working with architects, designers, and builders for the best green options available.

Dubbed as rapidly renewable, plantation grown eucalyptus can reach full maturity as early as 6 years and naturally re-grows from the stump after the harvesting process. Purpose-grown eucalyptus plantations can revitalize nutrient deficient soils and prevent erosion. 

Durability and Style

One important aspect any building supply has to have is flexibility to be used in multiple aspects of projects. Due to its natural coloring and character, it is a popular choice for any project requiring fencing, shade structures, support beams, or decorative panels. Our eucalyptus products have been featured in prominent venues throughout the zoo and entertainment industries.

Eucalyptus poles come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and are strong enough to handle harsh weather elements and are perfect for any wildlife environment.

Below are a few examples of how eucalyptus have recently been used:

  1. Eucalyptus Weave Fencing – This option provides privacy, security, and adds perfect visual texture. By weaving in horizontal or vertical eucalyptus fence droppers, we are able to create a fence that has the look and feel of traditional African animal barrier fencing. These fence panels are frequently used where a visual barrier is needed and as unique private enclosures such as cabanas.
  2. Rustic Eucalyptus Boma Fencing – Pressure-treated eucalyptus saplings are cut at various heights and are custom crafted to create the sensation of tribal life. Panels can be decorated with UV protected synthetic rope for an enhanced appearance. This style fence is ideal for themed experiences where a rustic and natural look is desired.
  3. Rolled Eucalyptus Fencing –  With galvanized wire threaded between fence panels, the flexibility to install rolled eucalyptus fencing indoors and outdoors is clear. We’ve seen some amazing projects come through that place rolled eucalyptus fencing into the front of buildings, load queues, accenting existing fencing, and add depth to indoor walls. Our team at the Supply Scout refers to rolled eucalyptus fencing as one of the more affordable eucalyptus options. 

We take pride in working with top-quality eucalyptus plantations to provide eco-friendly supplies for our clients. In 2020, we believe that the resurgence of more eco-friendly, cost-efficient strategies will help guide contractors, architects, and builders to consider eucalyptus over other supplies. If you have any questions getting started with your eucalyptus project, feel free to give us a call toll-free at 833-SCOUT-33 or contact us online.