Eucalyptus Timber: A Sustainable and Durable Building Material

Eucalyptus timber is a beautiful and sustainable wood that has become popular option for architectural design due to its versatility and durability. The rise of eucalyptus use in the past few decades can be attributed to “green” initiatives that encourage practices that help the environment.

One important aspect any building supply has to have is flexibility to be used in multiple aspects of projects. Due to its natural coloring and character, it is a popular choice for any project requiring fencing, shade structures, support beams, or decorative panels. Our eucalyptus products have been featured in prominent venues throughout the zoo and entertainment industries.

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Why Choose Eucalyptus?

Sustainable Product

Eco-Friendly & Renewable


Eucalyptus grows back from the stump after harvest making it sustainable.

Low Maintenance

Durable & Damage Resistant

Low Maintenance

Eucalyptus is an extremely durable wood and is resistant to common issues like exposure to moisture.

Rustic Styling

Diverse Colors & Sizing

Rustic Styling

Eucalyptus is a diverse material with different colors, sizing, and shades for any project.

No Arsenic

Treated with Wolman E

No Arsenic

Eucalyptus is treated with Wolman E, which does not contain arsenic and allows for a natural-solution for treatment.


The Supply Scout team has worked with builders and project planners to come up with some amazing solutions for ongoing building plans for resorts, theme parks, and zoos.  Here are some of our favorites:

Latilla Roofing

Structural Poles

Accent Walls

Tropical Themeing



FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. The Supply Scout wears this certification like a badge of honor. Only the most durable and environmentally sustainable eucalyptus is used in our projects.

Our parent company, Florida Eucalyptus, has worked in this field for years establishing themselves as the expert in growing and harvesting eucalyptus. You can be sure that the forest products we manufacture have been produced from sustainable sources with environmental protection at the forefront of our long-term management plans.