What is a Concierge Service for Building Supplies?

The Supply Scout | Concierge Service for Building Supplies

You dream it, we deliver it. Each project starts with an idea, a concept that lays the groundwork for something creative and special. It is our job to produce, manufacture, source, and fabricate only the best supplies for your project. Our manufacturing team and network of preferred suppliers makes ordering from The Supply Scout quick and easy. 

We pride ourselves in being the “Concierge Service for Specialty Building Supplies” — but what does that mean for you? 

The Supply Scout is your one-stop shop for specialty themed building supplies. Zoos, resorts, theme parks, and film sets rely on us to make or source unique hard-to-find building materials. When you contact The Supply Scout our team gives you the white glove treatment you deserve. Our personal approach brings world class customer service which is why we’re known as the Concierge Service for Specialty Building Supplies. 

We have simplified the shopping process 3 great ways:

Step #1: Get a Quick Quote

We want to really know what your project entails. The nitty-gritty, the end goal, and the price point. During the first step, we go over every detail with a fine tooth comb. Our team is devoted to understanding your project in full. We offer an onboarding form that allows you to inform us of any special needs. This helps us get you exactly what you need faster. 

The truth of the matter is no one knows your project like you do, but here at The Supply Scout, we can offer some possible product options you may not even know were available. With this level of detail, we are confident you’ll discover the perfect supplies for your project and get started making something great. 

Step #2: We Go To Work For You

As our name indicates, we manufacture and supply the very best natural, synthetic, metal, and specialty supplies working with top-level vendors. Your time is valuable; it should be spent doing what you do best. What we do best is making and scouting unique products that add a personalized touch to your projects. 

We handle all the logistical aspects of the products we supply, verifying the durability and quality of each item provided to you. The Supply Scout takes the burden out of managing multiple aspects of product procurement which gives you the peace of mind to know your project is safe in the hands of experts who are working behind the scenes to make sure you get the supplies you need in timely manner. 

Step #3: Project Support & The Extras

Once your supplies have been delivered, we follow up to see if there’s anything else you could possibly need. Projects are dynamic with a lot of moving parts. Sometimes you just need a few extra items. We’ll be ready to fill in those gaps. Our Concierge Service means we cater to your needs and we’re always available. No job is too big or too small for our team. We’re here to serve you! 

To find out more about how The Supply Scout provides World-Class Concierge Service please give us a call at 407-761-7863 or contact us online.