Wood Materials

We manufacture and supply the highest quality products for your unique projects. Our wood timbers, poles, fencing, and themed decor are perfect for zoos, theme parks, resorts, and film sets! These wood materials are available now.

Wood Materials

We manufacture and supply the highest quality products for your unique projects. Our wood timbers, poles, fencing, and themed decor are perfect for zoos, theme parks, resorts, and film sets!


Poles • Fencing • Latilla Shade • Themed Decor

A native tree species of Australia, eucalyptus is also found in tropical and semi-tropical regions around the world such as Africa, Brazil, Hawaii, as well as parts of South Florida. Eucalyptus is sustainably grown which makes it a perfect product for “green” construction projects.

This dense wood can be used structurally and for decorative purposes. It’s often featured in African-style tribal fencing, tiki and palapa structures, and any other application that needs a rustic appearance.

Eucalyptus poles and timbers are pressure treated using Wolman-E or Tan-E. This treatment deters decay and insects but is safe to use indoors and around animals and people.

We stock sizes to include 1″ to 10″ diameter in lengths of 6 ft to 18 ft.

If you are in need of custom sizes or shapes (to include oversized, extra long, special character) our team can hand select specialty products to meet your niche requirements.


Poles/Purlins/Battens • Heavy Beams • Dimensional Lumber

Cypress is native to the southeastern United States and sourced using environmentally friendly harvesting practices. Grown primarily in wet areas such as swamps and ponds, these trees remain submerged in water throughout the year creating a conical bell shaped base. Called the wood eternal due to its heartwood which is naturally resistant to decay.

Used by Native Americans for the traditional construction of “Chickee Huts”, this durable wood has survived the test of time and is still used today by the Florida Seminole Tribe.

The Supply Scout maintains an inventory of cypress poles, beams, and lumber. Our hand-peeled poles are a perfect addition to your next regionally themed building project.

We stock sizes from 3″ to 15″ diameter in lengths of 6 ft to 40 ft.

If your project requires odd or unique custom shapes or sizes, our team can provide poles with amazing character and limb patterns. We have our own harvesting crews and land base to source custom items.


Large Poles • Fencing • Themed Decor

Guadua Bamboo, commonly found in central and south America is well known for its structural characteristics as a building material. This product is sustainably produced in large scale managed forests.

Bamboo is perfectly suited for Polynesian themed parks, restaurants, resorts, and zoos. It comes in a variety of sizes and configurations from half-round split poles to rolled fencing.

The Supply Scout stocks Bamboo in 20 ft lengths with diameters from 1″ to 6″.

Mountain Heart Cedar

Poles/Purlins • Rustic Themed Decor

From the rugged old west hill country of Texas, Mountain Heart Cedar is a wood product destined for extreme outdoor conditions. Not to be confused with Eastern Red Cedar which has a beautiful appearance, good for indoor uses, but prone to rot quickly in outdoor situations. Mountain Heart Cedar has an almost non-existent sap ring giving it lifelong durability in the toughest environments.

Mountain Heart Cedar comes in a variety of sizes to include 2″ to 10″ diameters with lengths up to 14 ft.

When peeled, Mountain Heart Cedar has a one-of-a-kind appearance. Check out our photo gallery and be inspired.

Treated Southern Yellow Pine

Poles/Pilings • Heavy Beams • Dimensional Lumber

The gold standard of building materials, Southern Yellow Pine boasts many great qualities making it particularly great for residential and commercial construction. It’s unique cellular structure allows for a wide variety of different types of pressure treatment to include marine applications.

The Supply Scout manufactures and sources dimensional lumber as well as oversized and specialty cut beams. If your project requires giant beams over-width or extra long length, we can get you just the product you need. Need Dense Select Structural (DSS) with Grade 1 Lumber Certification? Our team has you covered.


Whatever specialty building supply you may need, we have it in stock! Contact our team of experts to get a quote!