Pali di bambù naturale

Known as “The Steel of The Jungle”, bamboo poles have been used for centuries around the world to construct everything from fences to elaborate homes and resorts, however, only certain varieties lend themselves to “construction grade material”. The Supply Scout is your partner in finding the right option for you!  We keep stock for Petung, Guadua, Solid Bamboo, Tre Gai, and many more.

Varianti disponibili per l'aspetto

  • COLORS:  The Supply Scout will go out of its way to provide you with the right characteristics and color bambù for your project. Talk to our sales team about what color or appearance will work best for you.

  • PETUNG (Giant Bamboo / Asper): This is the biggest bamboo we use. Strong and dependable, it is used in most of our bamboo structures. Perfect for construction, Petung has fairly tall and relatively straight poles. This option is a popular choice due to its quick harvesting from Asia.

    • Average lengths: 15 -30 meters
    • Average diameters: 8 to 20 cm
    • Considered Construction Grade
    • Sold whole or split in half
    • Fire Protection available
  • GUADUA: Guadua bamboo is a common bamboo type and considered the strongest bamboo in the world. In South America, it is widely used in construction or engineered laminated panels. Their native habitats range from Mexico down to Argentina, but some varieties are also grown in tropical areas of Asia.

    • Average Lengths: 4 -6 meters
    • Average diameters: 8 to 15 cm
    • Considered Construction Grade
    • Sold whole or split in half
    • Fire Protection available
  • SOLID BAMBOO (Tam Vong): Solid bamboo is durable and has a greater strength than other kinds of bamboo poles. The Natural Tam Vong Bamboo can be sanded, finished, and ready for stain stain or sealer to meet your project needs. The poles are resistant to splitting and are also widely used in construction.

    • Average lengths: 2.4-3.6 m
    • Average diameter: 8 cm
    • Considered Construction Grade
    • Sold whole or split in half
    • Fire Protection available
  • TONKIN BAMBOO: The diversity in color options in Tonkin bamboo makes it a popular choice for construction projects. A beautiful honey-like appearance that is light weight is perfect for interior applications that do not see a lot of physical contact or guest interactions. Some suggestions are overhead design and accent decor with minimal foot traffic.

Recommended Usage for Natural Bamboo Poles

Supply Scout recommends the following projects for bamboo poles: construction grade building, themed areas in zoos, theme parks and resorts.
Information about Natural Bamboo:

Need to achieve a Class-A Fire Rating? The Supply Scout team is your trusted source! We ensure to help you from project start to finish in assessing application, product finish, and provide you with documentation for certification. Not only do we help in this process, we document the entire project: scope, coverage, and ownership information so you can have peace of mind

  • Resistenza alla putrefazione: —-
  • Lavorabilità: ——-
  • Odore: —–
  • Allergie/tossicità: ————-

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