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The Supply Scout | Specialty Building Supplies
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The Supply Scout | Specialty Building Supplies
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The Supply Scout | Specialty Building Supplies
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We manufacture & source hard-to-find specialty building materials. This includes: eucalyptus, lumber, bamboo, and more. When you need that one-of-a-kind product for a theme park, resort, or film set, we will either make it or find it for you. Our team of experts work hard so you do not have to! Do you need eucalyptus poles, bamboo, massive wood beams, Caribbean style thatch, or pretty much anything fabricated from metal? Just ask us to fetch that for you.

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Capetown - Endureed Premium Thatch | The Supply Scout


Our clients are the stars. We just help them shine.
Have you experienced the frustration of trying to source specialized building materials for your project? Having to call multiple companies, impersonal service, lack of follow up or status updates? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what sets us apart. At The Supply Scout, personalized service is our #1 priority. We value your time & patronage and will work diligently to provide the highest level of service possible. Simplifying the process of securing those specialty products fast is our business. You deserve the best, and we’re here to make sure you get it.

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This is our Show & Tell Section. We’ve had so much fun over the years making and sourcing crazy products for the most unique projects on the planet. We don’t take credit for the innovative brilliance of our clients but behind-the-scenes we’re their biggest supporters. Let’s go make this world a more amazing place to live in one creative venture at a time.

Natural Wood Building Supplies | The Supply Scout
VIVA PALM - Endureed Affordable Thatch | The Supply Scout
Metal Building Supplies | The Supply Scout
Custom Topiary | The Supply Scout
Natural Wood Decking | The Supply Scout
Kilamanjaro - Endureed Premium Thatch | The Supply Scout
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The Supply Scout not only sells eucalyptus products, but our parent company Florida Eucalyptus has a long history of sustainable forestry practices. Our company’s owners began many years ago growing large scale plantations of fast growing eucalyptus trees. Their commitment to providing sustainably sourced products continues today here at The Supply Scout.

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