4 Benefits of Synthetic Thatch Roofing

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The appeal of thatch roofing in building projects is clear. It is often affordable and offers an exotic theme to any project. The unfortunate reality is that natural thatch roofing has a few pitfalls which can cost money long-term. Fortunately — there is a solution. Synthetic thatch has become a staple in eco-friendly and long-lasting projects due to their low maintenance cost and superb custom design providing 100% natural appearance when installed properly.

The Supply Scout works with the industry leader, Endureed, to provide synthetic thatch that offers durable, authentic, beautifully designed, and eco-friendly options. We’ve compiled 4 benefits of synthetic thatch roofing that will help ease some of your concerns during building.

Synthetic Thatch is Environmentally Friendly

Many companies value using “green” building materials that are environmentally friendly. These practices and supplies work well with building design and lead to longevity of the product. Synthetic thatch is almost indistinguishable from natural resources, offering style as well as lessening the footprint we leave behind.

Our synthetic thatch roofing materials balance functionality and design with 100% recyclable shingles. By taking the “green” initiative seriously, hotels benefit from being able to increase revenue by qualifying for a LEED certification for their involvement in sustainable building practices.

Reduced Installation Costs

Natural thatch roofing could possibly cost less initially, but installation and maintenance costs are unavoidable. Natural thatch roofing requires a longer installation time, which means contractor fees will increase. Our synthetic thatch takes around 50% less time to install and are able to be completed by individuals who are passionate about do-it-yourself projects.

The maintenance associated with natural thatch also becomes an issue. If natural thatch is exposed, it will need to undergo routine patching, rethatching, pest control, and flame retardant application. This can be a money sink after the initial natural thatch installation is complete.

If your budget is a concern in the long-run, one of the major benefits to synthetic thatch is that it eliminates recurring problems mentioned above.

Fire Safety Improvements

Our synthetic thatch products maintain a Class A Fire Rating. One concern many hotel, zoo, and theme park designers have is the protection of natural thatch to prevent the risk of fire, but disasters can still occur. Natural thatch needs to be treated with retardant on a routine schedule to ensure safety codes are met. 

However, synthetic thatch with Class A fire-resistant materials inherently meet safety guidelines. Our VIVA Palm synthetic thatch is a popular option for many contractors rebuilding roofing after a fire. Below is one of the photos from our strategic partner that shows the damage done from natural thatch catching on fire and the reconstruction with our VIVA Palm product.

Long-Lasting Durability Without Compromise

Synthetic thatch is a popular choice for roofing due to its durability. It is able to withstand Category 5 hurricane winds and exposure to the elements such as rain, snow, and hail. Our products are proudly designed right here in the USA to imitate some of the most beautiful regions in the world perfectly without worrying about deterioration or color fading. This alone is why The Supply Scout is confident in the durability and design of our synthetic thatch products.

Most importantly, our synthetic thatch options offer a 20-year warranty. Older natural thatch roofs are estimated to need to be replaced every 8 years, but synthetic thatch more than doubles that lifespan.

Ready to get started with your synthetic thatch project?

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